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Help Support Animal Rescue and Shelter for dogs and cats

Posted by Sancore on 05/06/2020

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Zip code : 21215

Description : Category : Charity-Volunteer Work

Help support rescued dogs and cats in the Accra Region of Ghana. SANCORE Animal Rescue and Shelter is a nonprofit no-kill, animal rescue and adoption organization the first of its kind in Ghana. We need help to put up and support animal rescue and animal shelter in Ghana, provide veterinary needs, including spay/neuter, vaccinations and cater for, the hundreds of abandoned stray dogs and cats roaming the streets around the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. There is a constant increase in the number of stray animals that live their lives in terrible conditions in and around the urban areas.

The project will be situated in The Madina a suburb of Accra. We are putting up an animal shelter, premises for treatment of animals and a laboratory which will cost $10000 US; we will plan to purchase veterinary surgical equipment for Spaying/Neutering, vaccinating and performing general veterinary treatments at a cost of $5000 US.

Every cent raised will go towards the building of a shelter, purchase of a used mobile clinic, veterinary medical supplies that will be used to help dogs and other stray animals. A contribution from you, no matter the amount, will make a big difference in the life of an abandoned, sick, injured or abused animal.
Please follow the link below to donate.