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Help & FAQs

Posting an ad

Should I be registered to place an ad ?

Yes it is necessary to sign up in order to post a ad.

How long is he going between validation of my ad and posted on the website ?

Your ad will be confirmed within 24 hours by a moderator. We check all the ads in order to ensure the best possible quality of service.

What can I put in my ad text ?

Describe your product in the best possible for the reader to have maximum detail. It is not useful to repeat the title information of the ad in the ad text.

Placing an ad is it free ?

Yes to post a ad it is free.

Why should I give my phone number when I do not want it to appear in my ad ?

You can hide your number so it does not appear in the ad. However, you must provide a valid number because we may need to contact you to verify your ad.

I'm not getting my email activation what to do ?

First make sure the email was not sent in unwanted files or spam of your inbox. If you still receive nothing after 4 hours this must be a mistake. Try again.

In what location I have to place my ad ?

You must place your ad in the location in which your item is for sale.

Can I put several items in the same ad ?

No, you must place your ad for each item. This is more legible to the reader and easier for you in the future management of your ads.

How long will my ad remains online ?

Your ad remains online 60 days. After this period, it will be automatically disabled. You will receive an email informing you. However, a simple click on the link will bring it back online as needed.

How to publish an ad ?

Just click on the "Post your free ad" on the home page and follow the instructions.

Do I have to include my email address or my phone in my ad text ?

Preferably use the fields provided for this purpose. This protects you from abusive emails.

Why to put pictures ?

An ad with picture is 8 to 10 times read than an ad without picture.

Crownkof can it vouch for a transaction between buyer and seller ?

We can not intervene in any transactions between buyer and seller.

Crownkof can mediate the transaction between buyer and seller ?

Refuse any transaction on behalf of Crownkof. Consider reading the recommendations. Accept cash payments only or Paypal.

Manage my ad

How to delete my ad ?

To delete an ad, simply click on the link "Delete your ad" on the page of your ad.

How to edit my ad ?

You can change your ad by clicking the "Edit your ad" on the page of your ad.


Should we accept a transaction that is not done by hand ?

privilege the item delivery against cash payment. This avoids unpleasant surprises. Remember that we do not guarantee the transaction. This is done directly between the buyer and seller. If you can not make a payment in person use only the PayPal payment system.

I received a call from Crownkof asking me to pay for my ad published.

This is a fraud. Systematically refuse any payment of money that would be required at the name of Crownkof.

What if a buyer wants to pay me with PayPal ?

We always recommend the payment in person, but if you choose PayPal, we recommend the utmost vigilance.